Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Making Bows, and more bows, and more bows...

A few months back, my friend Ange asked if I could make her some bows for the end of the pews for her wedding and last night I finally finished the bows (Just as well really given her wedding is on Saturday) so here's a bit of a photo essay about making a whole bunch of bows.

Starting out with a huge piece of nice, white silky fabric, which seemed to stretch out forever.
Next was cutting a LOT of strips of white fabric - so I could sew them up into strips that I could make bows from.
The image is a little blurry - but this is when the final strip was cut - Hurrah!
Sewing up the strips into tidy bow like ribbons on my vintage sewing machine - her name is "record" it says so in the bottom corner.
An extra shot of record in all her glory, and also my gloriously messy craft table!

The final product - one of the bows that I made for Ange's wedding!

....and also many, many, many more bows that I made for Ange's wedding!

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Anonymous said...

Now all you need to do is finish the purple ones for my wedding - I need 80! :P