Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A visit from a Kaka

Rich and I are lucky enough to live near the Karori Sanctuary which means we quite regulary have all sorts of bird visitors to our place usually Fantail, Wax eye and of course a LOT of Tui.

But recently we've started seeing a new visitor, the first time I saw one I did think perhaps I was going a little crazy, because it looked a lot like a kea who live near mountains not in urban Wellington.

Rich pointed out that it was in fact a Kaka and not a Kea - which is still not the sort of thing you expect to see in urban Wellington but it is pretty darn cool to live only a 15 minute walk from town and have some amazing native birds come and visit your deck.

Tonight the Kaka's were having a bit of a party outside our place I think - it was the first time I've really heard their call, which is pretty loud, but then I guess they are a pretty big birds.

After they visited us I did the uber geeky thing and checked out what a Kaka call sounds like online and confirmed once and for all our visitors are Kaka.

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