Sunday, November 30, 2008

Roller Derby Camp!

So after some initial hurdles with the whole roller derby thing (namely learning to skate) things are going really well, although T-Stops are still alluding me, curse them! I am feeling a LOT more confident about skating in general and it's been great getting to know so many awesome new people.

I am now especially excited as we have been told about a roller derby training camp, namely the Blood & Thunder Training Camp which is going to be held in New Plymouth in February of next year.

I'm really excited about going along as the training will be for "all levels" and it's going to be on my old home turf and it's going to be just awesome.

I was going to fill in the registration form - but thing is - it asks for a derby name which I am still lacking in. I have thought it should have something to do with craft or zombies or perhaps even craft and zombies? At this stage I'm open to ideas as I can't seem to think of anything witty or clever!

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