Friday, June 29, 2007

Zombie Prom!!

Well there's much excitement for me as Rich and I have decided to go to Zombie Prom at Happy next weekend!!

What is Zombie Prom - you may ask? Well it's an excuse to dress up as Zombies and head to happy for a few drinks and see a few bands.

I am very excited about the Prom and already thinking of what costume I can come up with for the evening...humm....I think I may be in for a round of second hand shopping this weekend to find a dress I can cut up and splatter in blood for the big night.

Also trying to find a few fellow zombie's to go with, although few of my friends share the zombie obsession I have (I don't know why - what's not to love about zombie's!) plus a few people are away or busy next weekend...

Nevermind - if nothing else Rich and I will have an awesome zombie night out.

Here's the website with details of the Prom and photos from last year

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