Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Day of work for 2007

Well - now it does feel like 2007 has started as I have to go to work today - bleh! I'm really NOT wanting to go - It's been so long since I've been to work I hope I actually remeber what I do for a living?

Well - I guess at least I'm starting back on a Wednesday so perhaps I can ease myself into things and not have to go hardcore from the very start.

Still - it will be good to get some routine back in my life!! I'll have to check when the uni gym is going to open, now I am feeling a lot better after my op I really must get back into my old routine.

Well - on a completely different note - over the holidays Rich and I put together a Myspace page for our fimo label. Going to apply to the next Craftwerk so hopefully they will accept us - they have agreed to be our friend after all:) Anyways here's the link to the "Mofire" site -

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