Friday, January 05, 2007

The Sun FINALLY came out!! Is summer here at last?

Yes it's TRUE! Yesterday after a number of miserable and cold days in the middle of summer the sun FINALLY came out which was fantastic - who knows? The same thing may even happen today - although it's a wee bit overcast now - but hey - at least it's not raining.

In fact it was so nice that Rich and I had our first waterfront walk of 2007 yesterday and was it ever packed down there! The beach at Oriental Parade was totally packed with all sorts of people (I guess a lot of people are still on holiday - unlike Rich and I *sigh*). But there were some seriously SUNBURNT bods around! Maybe it was for the best I didn't spend the day in the sun because I'm pretty useless with sunscreen unless Rich keeps on telling me to put more on.

Tonight I'm off over to Kat's for a craft night - hopefully finish the Subversive Cross-Stitch I'm working on at the moment. Kat and I have also decided to start a Craft club, under the name "Crafty Foxes" which sounds like such a good idea - will be great to have some designated time to do all my crafts as one of my new years resolutions was to make as many presents as possible this year.

Today I'm meeting (most) of the girls for lunch which will be fun - haven't seen some of them since I got back to Welly.

Humm...what else is happening...we have a potluck dinner/gathering at Jess' tommorrow night and then Rich and I will see if we can find a gig to go to later on - nothing we're interested in at Bodega or the San Fran Bath House this stage so Happy it is!!

Well - time to finish getting ready for work - at least it's Friday already!

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