Friday, January 19, 2007

And whilst Jacob is having his best night out in 17 years.....

I may well be having the worst day of my is the day I have avoided for some time and I have been trying to forget it's going to happen for sometime - but I guess there's no denying it's going to happen now - what the hell am I talking about you may be asking? Well today is the day I say farewell to all of my wisdom teeth:(

I have become a bit attached to them in the past 9 or so years (yes I'm an early bloomer - I had all four wisdom teeth by the age of 18) but now they must go...

I'm so NOT looking forward to having them pulled - in particular not looking forward to the pulling of the teeth, the injections, the recovery period (ok I'm just not looking forward to any part of it).

I can't help but as myself - why did my body even grow these apparently useless and extremely painful teeth?

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