Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas Adventures - Episode 5 - In the Naki

Our holiday in Mokau didn't go completely as planned - in a turn of events Rich referred to as "The Nightmare Before Christmas" we both ended up sick with a not too nice stomach bug at about 3 in the morning on Christmas Eve. But luckily, my mum is lovely, and drove all the way from Stratford to Mokau and back to pick us up as neither of us could have faced the perils of Mt Messenger in our ill state of health!!

Luckily - we were "ok" on Christmas day - still a slight bit on the dodgy side though - which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing to happen on Christmas day as it stopped us from completely pigging out!

But it was a good Christmas and we recieved lots more lovely presents whilst visiting my family.

Also whilst we were home it was a chance to get out and about and check out some of the day walks at Egmont National Park.

The first walk we did was just up the road from where my family lives - and it was called the York Road Loop track - back in the day there was an old quarry up there so it was a really interesting historical work as there are still the remains of a lot of the old machinery up there. My little bro Jacob came along for the walk too. Here's some of the photo's we took -

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Tabitha Dial said...

Holy smokes! Jacob has grown up!