Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Made May - Week Four

Well week three is nearly over.  What can I say that hasn't already been said - not much! Let's just get straight into it!

19 May
Made by Me - Easter Dress
Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights & cardi from glassons, belt from clothes swap, necklace bought in Philadelphia
20 May
Made by Me - A-Line Skirt

Other stuff - Shoes from Avon and tights from who knows where

21 May
Made by Me - Mask Dress

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from Equip, necklace from an op shop and cardi used to belong to Rich
22 May
Sorry - it was just a selfie kind of day (I think my photographer aka Rich was studying).

Other stuff - Brooch made by a friend

23 May

It was Friday and we were excited - can you tell?

Made by Me - Autumnal Dress

Other stuff - Cardi and necklace from op shops, brooch gift from Ria, belt from clothes swap, bracelet from Vany and tights who knows.
24 May 
I went shopping on Cuba Street and took advantage of the mirrors at Cosmic Corner.
Made by Me - Laurel Dress

Other stuff - Boots from Avon, tights from who knows where, cardi from glassons and necklace from Melbourne.

So let's be honest, I don't shop for new ready to wear clothes often. I had meant to sew a costume for Armageddon new weekend but life got in the way and I haven't made one. So I decided to take the stress off myself and buy some new things.

I'm still not sure what my costume will be - but I'm sure Ria will help with hair and make up and I will end up looking terrifying (I hope).
25 May 

Made by Me - Brand Spanking new top - so far unnamed and unblogged

Other stuff - Necklace from and op shop

That's my week four Me Made May done! Only a few more days left and I have wore something I have made each and every day - go me!


Beth Waltz said...

The mask dress is especially interesting -- could it be used as the base for a 'mask' costume?

Enjoyed the peek at yesterday's travel diary. Both Ripley's and Mutters?! Your taste for the macabre must have been well satisfied indeed!

Vix said...

Such a cute photo of you and Rich!
You've got some incredible frocks made from some wonderful fabric. The green one has to be my favourite. xxx

Curtise said...

Love that pic of you and Rich! So many clothes made by you, it's really impressive. xxx

Penny-Rose said...

Wow you are super productive - so many lovely dresses. I am looking forward to reading about the new top - I love the colour.

alicia said...

yaaaay! i love when rich makes cameos on your blog! <3 your laurel dress is one of my faves!

love youuuuuu! <3 <3 <3

Louise said...

I love the Laurel dress! Clever lady! Everything looks amazing. xx

Meghan Edge said...

The brooch on the 'put a bird on it' dress and the sleeves on your red cardi are just the sweetest details. :-D All of your dresses are so lovely, and that A-Line skirt is the coolest fabric!

Anonymous said...

Love the Laurel dress most!!!