Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Swop 2013

Last year I took part in a Christmas Swop organised by two pretty amazing bloggers I know - Chloe at An Exercise in Trivial Pursuits and Juanita and Juanita Tortilla. I've met these two lovely ladies through the wonderful world of blogging and I have been lucky enough to meet BOTH of them in real life too!

Shopping with Chloe in Singapore and looking pretty amazing - I mean who wouldn't look amazing in Hello Kitty glasses?
Spending the day with Juanita in New York City - we went fabric shopping (of course) and visited the MET.

I will be honest with you guys - when it comes to Christmas I can be a grinch. Seriously. All the commercialism gets me down. Don't get me wrong - two weeks off work at Christmas is amazing. But I hate Christmas carols and I will never understand why we continue with all these ice themed decorations when its summer during Christmas time in New Zealand.

However, doing the Christmas swap last year did make me less grinch like - so I decided to take part again.

Yesterday my package arrived from Jamile in California. 

In case you were wondering - that IS Hello Kitty ribbon. Jamile obviously did her home work in regard to what I like. 
The official 12 days of Christmas countdown starts on Saturday. I am HOPING that before then the post office will come through and deliver MY package to my swap partner in Chicago.


JuanitaTortilla said...

I thought I was the ONLY gringe!!!! ;)
I'm not a religious person so sometimes, calling this swap a "Christmas swap" makes me cringe -- won't it alienate those friends who don't celebrate Christmas? We should think about calling it a Holiday swap. Everybody likes a holiday.

Vix said...

That swap looks like fun!
I hate Xmas, I'm self employed and an atheist and just can't see the point but a 2 week holiday is definitely cause for celebration! x

Krista said...

You look so adorable in that first picture! I love your Xmas swaps I mean last year you got some really cool stuff! When I lived in California it never felt like Xmas because of the weather, now that I'm in Oregon things seem right this time of year.

Louise said...

That's the things I love about blogging and sharing interests with others online; making friends with awesome people we may never have met in real life it wasn't for blogging or Twitter or forums. :)

I really love Christmas, but I've always wondered what it must be like for people in the Southern Hemisphere celebrating in Summer. The carols and snow scenes must seem odd when it's summer outside! (It's weird enough in England, as we never get snow at Christmas. Well, apart from that one time during my life time). The Christmas presents are so beautifully wrapped! I hope you got some amazing gifts xx

Curtise said...

Blog buddies rock! You always get involved in some great swaps.
Christmas... well, it's All Too Much, of course, but you can choose to opt in or out, or do it your own way. We're keeping it very low key and simple, and that's fine. xxxx

Jamile said...

Yay! I'm so glad it got to you. I was worried!

alicia said...

hello kitty ribbon! <3