Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Taranaki Adventures: Coastal Walkway

Hey Folks - I'm having a mid week day off as today is Waitangi Day. Monday and Tuesday were pretty busy this week so a mid week break is just perfect.

Today is the day I share with you the final photos of our Christmas/New Years holidays (good things take time right?).

I took these photos of the coastal walkway in New Plymouth on New Years Ever.  Rich, Nankz, Paul and I spend the morning hanging out in the city and in the afternoon we headed out to do part of the coastal walkway before a spot of New Years Eve supermarket shopping.

As you can see, it was another stunning day in Taranaki, look at those blue skies! The walkway was really amazing as well, great views and the whole walk was basically all paved so it was really accessible to pretty much anyone.

I especially loved the bridge - it kind of looks like a dinosaur rib cage? Well to my eyes at least!


Vix said...

What a beautiful place, the sky is incredibly blue and that bridge does look very dinosaur-like! x

Unknown said...

Haha yes.. before you mentioned, I thot the bridge looks luke a dino skeleton :D
x, Lara

Kc said...

Looks pretty!! :) hope you had a good day off today. The start k my week was a bit nuts too so I made the most of today & had a quiet one :)


Krista said...

Gorgeous beautiful place and what a killer day to be out in that sunshine! I am a huge fan of bridges and this one sure is cool looking!

Curtise said...

Very cool bridge indeed! What beautiful blue skies and oh that fabulous sea... xxx

alicia said...

dinosaur rib cage bridge! amazing. taranaki looks so beautiful and i want to be there right now instead of knee deep in SNOW.