Sunday, February 03, 2013

They mostly come at night....mostly

My favorite craft projects will always be those where Rich and I collaborate, this project was a joint Trees and Rich project. Rich designed the pattern, I stitched it up and Rich framed it perfectly (I HATE framing my cross-stitch, it ALWAYS looks wonky).
This is a belated birthday present for our friend Ross - I figure when you've know someone for as long as we have known Ross (I've know Ross for 15 years and Rich 10 years) then they will understand if their birthday present is six months late. Particularly when you've made their present with lots of love.

A bit of background - basically no-one in the universe loves the Alien series as much as Ross. He booked us all tickets to Prometheus when it came out last year and set up a mini Alien film festival and dinner and his house prior to the release.

A few years ago, Rich stenciled Ross an Alien t-shirt for his birthday and he was so stoked. We both thought this Aliens cross-stitch would go down a treat and it did - happy Ross.


CityScape Skybaby said...

That is such a fantastic prezzy Trees, especially because you both worked on it together. I've never done a tapestry before but found a nice one in the charity shop so I might be asking you for tips soon. xx

alicia said...

i love working together with bear on things - teamwork!

bear was the one who introduced me to the alien quadrilogy (i just like saying quadrilogy) and that is our favourite pattern in rich's shop! i REALLY have to learn how to cross stitch!

Vix said...

What a brilliant gift, I bet Ross was thrilled by your thoughtfulness! x

Monsterchen said...

wow this is really brilliant darling! you are so crafty and creative! and he surely love this gift!

Curtise said...

What a brilliant present, Trees - fab design, beautiful execution!
We just watched the first of the Alien trilogy with our boy. I know he's a bit young but he loves his films and we figured he could manage it. He loved it (and was heard saying to his friend - who has probably never heard of Alien, given that it's over 30 years old) that it wasn't that scary really. Not how I felt when I first saw it all those years ago! xxx

Stacey said...

What a cool gift!