Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: This is Halloween

I still have LOTS of Wednesday Wardrobe Challenges to complete from blog friends and I will get to them all. 

But this Wednesday, seen as it was Halloween, I thought I would channel Wednesday Adams for the day.
I also opened the last day of my 13 Days of Halloween swap present from Vany and guess what it was? A zombie my little pony - or perhaps that should be a my little zombie? Isn't it just amazing that Vany made this pony - he craft skills blow my mind!
Here's a close up of a few accessories - including stripey tights and a skully friend.
Guess what? I just started using pic monkey - can you tell. Here's my standard Wednesday Wardrobe challenge self portrait.
Here's my standard Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge self portrait in zombie form!
 I'm basically the most smiley zombie in the history of the world.


Shoes: Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Necklace: Bought in Seoul

I hope you had a rad Halloween - whatever you got up too xoxox


Vintage Bird Girl said...

You make such a cute Wednesday Adams. I love the collar & bib detailing on the frock. And that zombi pony is super cool! Xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love your expression as you look at the zombie pony Trees and I think you'd be a very successful zombie, unsuspecting victims would see your smiling face and think "aw she's a nice zombie" then you'd be on them before they knew what had hit them. Hope you had a happy Hallow'ene! xx

cb said...

I love that dress! You look fantastic in it!!! I also love that app, i may need to download it, so cool!

Krista said...

You make an adorably cute Wednesday and an even better zombie girl! I need to play with picmonkey more I love your zombie lil pony you are so lucky no one else has one! I really dig your lil skull necklace too. You and I have similar STELLAR taste :) Happy Halloween sweetie!

Curtise said...

What a cute Halloween outfit, and I love the zombie effects! PicMonkey is a bit addictive, be warned!
Great dress, that little collar and bib front are lovely. xxx

Vix said...

You look gorgeous in your Addams family-inspired thread! Your expression with the pony is adorable, too! x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Very cute Wednesday look - and how cool is that zombie pony?
Hope you had a great Halloween

Shybiker said...

Great costume. Fun idea, nicely executed.

One of my friends mentioned you, so I thought I'd take a look at your blog. Love it!

Monsterchen said...

omg how cute is that dress! you are making a gorgeous adult wednesday adams;)
love and kiss,mary

Unknown said...


alicia said...

i'm pretty sure that's officially the cutest outfit ever! it suits you so well! you look like the lala i sent you! love it!!! <3

Stacey said...

Your Wednesday Adams look is so adorable! I love the stripy tights, and that dress is so cute. I wish I'd gotten to do Halloween, but I was at work in my boring old uniform. :(