Sunday, December 09, 2012

Second Day of Summer

I know this may blow the minds of a few of you northern hemisphere folk - but last Saturday (1 December) was the first day of summer for us in the southern hemisphere.

Wellington's weather is extremely mild and we don't really have strong seasons and at the moment the weather is a little more crazy that usual. At the moment you can leave work in beautiful sunshine and return home to rain.

But as Rich always says, if the weather was good all the time in Wellington then everyone would want to live here and we can't have that! It's only the hardy souls that can put up with the less that fabulous weather that remain here.

On the first day of summer my mum and some other family were here from Australia and the weather was alright, it was a kid of overcast day but not really hot or cold.

On the second day the rain set in and it was a bleak and miserable day with really high wind. I guess some people would use that as their queue to spend the rest of the day indoors, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.

But Rich and I aren't like most people - so first of all we headed out to see the Wellington Underground Markets which are currently open both Saturday and Sunday at the moment in the lead up to Christmas. We grabbed some lunch at the markets and then headed off for a walk along the waterfront. Who says you can't have a fun time in the wind and the rain?

We had WAY too much fun taking silly jumping photos - I hope you're all having a lovely weekend this weekend. Ours has been really busy so far - we've been to our first bbq of the season and been to an art auction with Emi. Today I'm hanging out with Ria and then Rich and I are off to a Phoenix game in the afternoon.


Louise said...

Everyone here in England moans about the rain, but I actually love it! You definitely had the right idea going out and enjoying it!

Unknown said...

I would love it if we had a mild weather. Love your pics :D ;D
x, Lara

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love your moody weather pics. We had a day like that today, I wish it was like that all the time! Xx

cb said...

You gotta have fun no matter rain or shine! It is nice to sty indoors but i also prefer to be outside!

Vix said...

It seems weird that it's completely different seasons and we're experiencing almost the same weather! love these photos, you look so happy. x

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love your enthusiasm for life Trees, you look windswept and happy as anything. I think there is something special about the sea on a blustery day. xx

Julia said...

As they say - you can't beat Welly on a good day!
There's nothing wrong with a bit of rain, it's only water in the end, it'll dry :)

Melanie said...

What atmospheric photos, I love seaside towns in inclement weather. It is odd that you are heading into summer and as I sit here at noon, it's incredibly dark and the grass outside is covered in frost.

alicia said...

you and rich are the cutest!!! love youuuu!