Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Guy Fawkes 2012

I know to some people it may seem strange - but we do celebrate Guy Fawkes night in New Zealand. I guess its an overhang from our days as a British colony. I don't think many people really think too much about the history of Guy Fawkes night though,  for us its really just an excuse for us to have fireworks!

I used to LOVE Guy Fawkes night when I was young - we used to always make a Guy, have a bon fire and let off heaps of fireworks!

These days I live in an inner city apartment so letting off fire works really isn't safe or practical - so instead last night we went to the waterfront to watch the fireworks display the council put on each year.

Pretty amazing right? My little point and shoot camera really doesn't do justice to the fireworks display, it was awesome.

If you were celebrating Guy Fawkes Night last night I hope you had a great time whatever you got up too xoxo


Helga said...

Ah,you had the best seats!
We don't bother, really.There's a big display out at Brighton, but it's apparently a nigthmare getting away,so we've never gone!!!
I'm usually more concerned with keeping the pookies safe; Peepers was bouncing around on Sunday night like a maniac,getting freaked out!
I do love a good display though,and we'll often go to Sparks in the Park at the end of Summer in Hagley park.

Vix said...

You've captured them brilliantly, when a spectacular show.
We celebrated with friends at the weekend, I've just about managed to shift the smoky smell from my clothes but I do love fireworks and unlike Helga's darling kitties ours aren't bothered. We live down the road from a Gurdwara so there's bangs all year round. xxx

alicia said...

bear HAD to watch V for vendetta last night in honour of guy fawkes night. today is election day here, so i'm kinda hoping something will blow up...


cb said...

i love fireworks! I find it is always really hard to shot fireworks, i guess you need something other then a point and shoot :( glad you got front row seats!!

Curtise said...

We went to our local display last night and really enjoyed it. Love your pics, I tried to take some photos but they aren't very good, it's tricky! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I think your photos of the fireworks are great Trees, a lot better than mine I can tell you. There's a setting for fireworks on my camera but it made even worse photos! I wondered did you all celebrate it over there so it's interesting to know that you do. Hardly anyone seems to bother with the bonfire here anymore, or Penny For The Guy, which is a bit sad. xx

Krista said...

I love fireworks and you pictures turned out good! They are legal in Oregon and I love playing with fire:)

Julia said...

I heard the show in Welly was incredible! We didn't go to the one here, parking is impossible.
My puppies hated it, too many scary loud noises for them :(