Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Barbarella Goes Back to the Future

So it seems that the regular Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge is back on track - today's challenge was pink and blue.

I could have done that challenge, I have pink and I have blue, I could have done that challenge pretty easily.

But I decided to stick with my original plan, which was to tackle a challenge from Sarah, namely "Barbarella goes back to the future".
image from here

However, a bikini isn't really office wear, so my look is more "Barbarella - Public Servant". 
I thought the bronze pleather skirt and suede look boots are a little bit Barbarella.
I also thought the animal print tights are a little Barbarella.

 Another day wearing fancy accessories made by fancy friends.
I had my smile fixed today - my filling is all repaired. Just as well it was pay day today!
Rich calls this my "Tina Turner" skirt - I think its rad.

So do I pass as Barbarella - Queen of public servants? It's not quite as glamorous as being the Queen of the galaxy I guess.

Outfit Deets:

Boots - Avon
Tights - Equipt
Skirt & Cardi - Glassons
Top - From a friend's wardrobe clear out
Necklace - Made by Meg
Brooch - Made by my friend Grace


Wait Until The Sunset said...

wow!! That skirt rocks!! What size does Glassons go to?? Want!! xxx

Vix said...

If Jon had his way I'd dress like Jane Fonda in Barbarella or Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC.
Great challenge by Sarah and fantastic execution by you! The coolest civil servant attire I've ever seen!! You rock that skirt, no wonder Rich loves it! xxx

JuanitaTortilla said...

Fancy accessories by fancy friends :D
Yes, that looks Barbarella Public Servant-ish.

Anonymous said...

The skirt is awesome!!!I left my eyes and heart on it!Barbarella is definitely one of my favourite icons and you bring her to a new and contemporary life.Your outfit reminds me the idea I had of a woman from the future, how I wish that everybody could add that unusual and modern touch to their everyday clothes!
The leopard print tights and the boots are perfect too!

CityScape Skybaby said...

You do a good Barbarella Trees, that would be tricky going to work in your challenge outfit but you pull it off. You have such a good boot collection too. That skirt is amazing! xx

Meghan Edge said...

I love Barbarella!! And your look is SOOOO perfect! I'm dying over that skirt and your brooch- how fab are they?!

:-) I like your necklace, too. Giggle.

cb said...

I think you did a great job!! That is a hard one but the skirt and tights and boots are great together. I agree with rich, it kinda does remind me of tina turner!

Curtise said...

Great skirt/tights/boots combo, I love it! Barbarella is an interesting challenge, you did really well - hmmm, wonder whether to have a go myself, haven't done a raid-the-dressing-up-box post for a while... You got me thinking! xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love your work appropriate version of Barbarella. The skirt is fabulous. I'm kind of surprised it's from Glassons. I thought it might be vintage.

Monsterchen said...

oh that is a great and very wearable barbarella version, lovin the skirt and the tights darling!

Krista said...

Hells yeah you rocked Barbarella! I love that skirt! I bet you were getting the double takes all day in that:).

Helga said...

Feck YEAH!
I'm a little late to the part,but what an awesome theme!!! You rocked it,and that skirt is truly fabularse! XXX