Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Attire to be worn whilst beating off cannibals

This weeks challenge comes from our very own Helga Von Trollop - attire to be worn whilst beating off cannibals. Slightly obscure sure - but If I am going to beat off cannibals I need two things from my outfit - first up I need it to be comfortable. So I decided to wear a pair of doc martins as you can pretty much wear these anywhere (and run in them if you need to) and also the most comfortable dress I own!
I also decided that I needed to look a little bit bad ass - that will account for all the black and skulls.
I wore my new sucre noir sweater clip and favourite skully scarf.
I wore my boots of course - they would totally help me fight of cannibals (not entirely sure how, but I'm sure they would)
I wore my bone bracelet and chunky ring.
I'm rather fond of this shade of lipstick at the moment - its an avon shade called "Rich Terracotta".
Finally - putting on my angry face to fight off all those cannibals.
Hope you're all having a super week xoxo

Boots - Doc Martins, Bought in Seoul
Tights - Farmers
Dress - Pagani
Cardi - Glassons
Brooch - Sucre Noir
Scarf - Equipt
Ring - Clothes Swap
Black Beaded Bracelet - Gift from Vany
Bone Bracelet - Gift from Rich


Vintage Bird Girl said...

You're such a bad-ass! But you do look good in black! Xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Ha, trust Helga to pick such a great challenge. Cute outfit. I love your sweater clip and the bone bracelet.

Unknown said...

FABULARSE CANNIBAL FIGHTING OUFTI (are the bones to lure them in?). You look GORGEOUS! Sarah xxx

Krista said...

I think you nailed this challenge! Not only will you kick all kinds of ass but hello you will look hot doing it! I'm in love with your skully sweater clips and your new lippy!

Curtise said...

You look good enough to eat! Oh I amaze myself with the extent of my wit sometimes....
Love the cardi clip and the ring, and naturally DMs are perfect for cannibal kicking! xxx

cb said...

You have the right ida wearing those boots, they are perfect for kicking! I love all your skull accessories!

Vix said...

Those pesky zombies will be putty in your hands when they see how hot & bad ass you look! xxx
PS Email me when you've got a minute goanmad(at)hotmail(dot)com
I'll sort you out some patterns!

alicia said...

skele-bunnies! i love your cannibal fighting face!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love your cannibal fighting face too, you still look sweet even when you're angry Trees. You picked a great outfit, I'd wear that for a night out! I love those boots, so much so that I've went and got myself a similar pair so I too can fight off cannibals now! xx

Stacey said...

Best cannibal fighting outfit ever! I love your cranky face, and that sweater clip is even more adorable on you!