Monday, August 27, 2012

Instagram week three

First of all, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your lovely comments on my last blog post. It was really nice to receive all of your positive thoughts when I was having such a bad day. You guys rock!

Now onto happier things - week three of instagram - I'm really impressed I'm still using instagram and still finding it fun. I guess it helps that a lot of my other friends use it too and its kind of fun to see what they have been up to. Anyway - here's week three of instagram
This week these creepy cute cameos arrived from esty - I bought them from a shop called PinkyNoodles, if you're in the market for some quirky craft supplies I fully recommend this store. So many awesome things.

I had to do more study this week for my Mauri Ora course, I've now finished the first part of the course. Study is of course always easier with Hello Kitty and Chai Latte.
My latest Avon haul arrived this week - since an old school friend started selling Avon I really can't get enough of it. I especially love the Cherry Blossom body wash, shampoo and condition.
As you all know - I wore two pairs of tights for Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge this week and it was awesome.
This was my pattern from Victory Patterns before I started to stick it all together - just as well I have a huge role of sticking tape.
We've been watching a lot of Community lately - I seriously LOVE this show - I just can't get enough.
Rich an I went to the City Gallery for the first time in ages on Saturday. My favourite exhibition was called Apocalyptic Intuition. The Sui faiga ae tumau fa'avae was also pretty amazing though - especially as someone was being tattooed when we visited the exhibition space.
Another Wellington Waterfront photo - the statue is of Kupe, a legendary voyager and the building you can see in the background is the Whare Waka (Whare = House and Waka = Canoe).
Another photo of the water front - this time of Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand).
We went to Burger Fuel on Cuba Street for lunch on Saturday - I ended up ordering the kiddies burger by mistake! But that's ok, because their kiddies burger is the size of a regular burger anywhere else. Also they have a really rad light - I liked it a lot.
Finally on Saturday night I went to see an incredible play for my friend Matt's birthday - It was the perfect play for a history geek like me.


Unknown said...

So much fun stuff! I love that fabulous light too - I wonder if I can MAKE one!? Sarah xxx

Vix said...

I'm so glad your feel a bit more cheerful today. Those cameos are stunning and I always love seeing snaps of your town! x

Helga said...

Well I suck,'cos I missed your last post,but have just caught up and am devastated for you...I've known a few women with endo,and it is HELL.(Gawd I'm lucky)I wish I could say something helpful,but all I can say is YOU rock for dealing with it as best you can.And for having such funky taste,these cameos thingsys are fabulous!YAY for getting the pattern stuck together...just cutting OUT a pattern does me in,just out of the boredom of it......I think...I'm so impatient.
I love Instagram,not that I ahve a flash phone or anything,I just love looking at peeps instagram pix!General life looks so good through this lens!
Much love,sweetie.You can conquer.

alicia said...

i seriously feel so lame every week when my weekend consisted of "work and netflix" and you've been gallivanting all over wellington! i wish i was there eating beetroot burgers with you!

Julia said...

Looks like a great week :)
I love seeing photos of Wellington, I miss living there, it has more character than other places.
Your Mauri Ora course sounds interesting, I might have a proper look at that once my beginners classes start to sink in!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Those cameos are awesome. I love wearing fishnets over coloured tights. It looks great.

Curtise said...

Love your Instagram pics. Hope you are feeling a little better.
I am so doing the fishnets over coloured tights thing this winter! xxxx