Sunday, March 11, 2012

Domino Cakes

I've recently joined a meet up group here in Wellington called the Wellington Pink Ladies, this weekend I took part in my first event with the group "A very thrifty weekend" which included a second hand clothing sale and a clothes swap. I will share some photos of the things I got soon as I got some great stuff.

But for now I just wanted to share a picture of these little "Domino Cakes" I made to take to the clothes swap. This was one of the ideas from the Queen of Crafts book I bought last weekend. They are a little wonky, but I think they came out pretty well. The cake recipe I used was from the Queen of crafts book too, it's called "Cut and come again cake" and its one of those great cakes that you can just throw all the ingredients in the food processor - I like that a lot.

Also I just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments in regard to the maxi dress I made, when it comes to sewing I still feel like I'm stumbling along about 80% of the time so it's nice to get feedback from people that the clothes I make actually look good!

I do have one fashion question though - I do quite fancy maxi dresses and I've been thinking of making a couple that are more suitable to for the Wellington environment (much thicker fabric). However, my question is, what kind of shoes look good with maxi dresses in cooler climates?

I loved wearing my gingham maxi in South East Asia with a pair of simple sandals - but that's not going to cut it in Wellington! My toes may well freeze off (ok, that is a little dramatic - but I hate being cold). What shoes would be best?


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I don't mind a ballet flat or a pair of simple boots with a maxi frock. I find knee high boots look better then zip up ankle boots, but maybe some Edwardian style lace up ankle boots could look okay. I can't walk in heels so that limits my choices!

Trees said...

I don't wear heels either (except maybe to weddings) so your advice is most appreciated:)

Julia said...

What adorable wee cakes!
Sounds like a great group to be part of.
I struggle pairing maxi's with footwear too

Camelia Crinoline said...

They look delicious. The Wellington Pink Ladies sounds great.

Stacey said...

With a maxi dress in Winter I usually wear boots, or sometimes ballet flats. Depending on the dress, I think flats can look awkward, but then the same can be said for boots.

I love your domino cakes! It sounds like you had a really fun weekend.

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Aw those are too cute!
And I wear my maxi with either knee high boots/brogues or even Converse depending on the style of dress! I think most shoes look good with them!

Vix said...

Cute dominoes!! They look fab.
I always wear boots under my maxis (or clogs). As the dresses can be quite detailed I think plain footwear works best.
I loved your dress and it so suited you. I demand you make more.x

cb said...

aaah those are so cute!

regarding the maxi..have you tried the sandals with sock look, maybe a shoe with a bit of a heel? i am not great with long dresses as i too never know when to wear with are my least favorite thing to style! can't wait to see what you decide!

Helga said...

These look delicious,and I don't even have a sweet tooth!
O,I also love that maxi from your last post.Perfect for Asian temple visiting!!
I keep forgetting to respond to a comment you made a while back about getting aGrab a seat and coming down sometime later in the year.....YES YES YES!!! Our renos will be done,you can stay,we can have fun aand shopping and it'll be splendid!!!

What Sadie Did said...

Fab fab cakes! Well done. And you have to show us what you got at the clothes exchange! When is your swap party? (I will ask you this on Weds!)

And I agree that pumps or plain-ish flat boots like good with most maxis :)

Sadie xx

Krista said...

These dominos cakes look so tasty and too cute to eat ok I'd eat em!!! Your pink ladies group sounds fun!

For maxi's I also like cowboy boot and high tops:)

Curtise said...

Domino cakes - genius! Got a coffee morning coming up, I might try and make some...
I wear maxis with whatever footwear works for the length, but in winter it's been ankle or knee boots. I like maxis for winter, layered up with tights or leggings and boots, they are easily as warm as trousers.
You MUST make some more! xxxxxx