Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Fabulous Shoes

Today was my first day back at work after my holiday away (don't fear - there are still many more holiday posts to come and lots of pretty photos) so it was a little hard to get organised/inspired for wardrobe challenge this morning.
The challenge was fabulous shoes, I was going to wear my gold heels that I picked up from and Opportunity for Animals in Newton then I remembered that I have a stand up desk at work and we moved offices whilst I was away and now I have to walk up a hill to get to work - which isn't that appealing in heels. Instead I wore my much loved but little worn animal print ballerina flats - I don't know why I don't wear these more often. I decided to wear some of the new accessories I bought whilst I was overseas today - a "cafe scene" necklace from Singapore and a Hello Kitty Watch from Malaysia.I also got my hair cut and coloured whilst I was in Singapore - grand total of $68 dollars, I won't tell you what I normally spend on a haircut but its a lot more than $68 dollars. However I couldn't get my extensions done, I tried about three different places but they seem to do extensions differently in Singapore to the way my hairdresser does them here in New Zealand. I am hoping to get them changed soon though.
Shoes - The Warehouse
Tights & Cardi - Glassons
Skirt - Op Shopped - Hospice Shop, Kilbirnie
Top - From a friends wardrobe clear out

The one thing that did make going back to work that little bit easier was receiving this in the mail this morning (all my personal mail goes to work).
Sorry the photo isn't the best! Before Christmas I ordered this zombie brain mould so Rich and I could have zombie brains for dessert on Christmas day - but the company I bought it on said they needed to put it on backorder. It didn't arrived for Christmas and to be honest the backorder took so long I kind of forgot about it. I am looking forward to making zombie brain jelly for dessert this weekend - hurrah!


Julia said...

I have shoes similar to those, they're cute & comfy.

First day back at work is always the toughest!

LOVE the jelly mould - what a cool idea

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love leopard print. Those shoes are great. That necklace is fabulous too.

Stacey said...

Love your skirt & the fab shoes! That zombie brain jelly mould is super cute. I want one now. I do already have a similar ice cube tray though - brain shaped ice cubes!

Krista said...

Back to the grind but looking mighty fine! I love your new necklace and Hello Kitty watch and the brain mold is pretty sweet! I'd love to come hang in NZ and play with you and Hlega!!!

alicia said...

i need that brain mold for this sunday's walking dead marathon!

i'm happy you made it back safe from your trip - can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

hopefully my valentine arrived or will arrive soon on your desk!

cb said...

brain mold!!!! how awesome! i better show posts of that when you make it and show you devouring it like a zombie :D

i love those shoes, i am always on the look for some and every time i see you wear them i kick myself for selling mine! **cry**

Kc said...

Welcome back! :) Hope the rest of your teip was awesome. You can't go past aa pair of comfy flats! My current favourites are dying a slow death :( Need to go shopping! :)


What Sadie Did said...

Just wrote a comment and it disappeared - waah!
I think i said - I love your necklace, cant believe you have a standup desk and how annoying that your parcel took so long ;)

Sadie xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Your outfit is adorable! Love the skirt! =)