Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Patong Beach

Today I walked a whole lot!! I took SO MANY photos which I will share with you all eventually, good things take time right?

Just a short post this evening, as I am rather tired from all that walking in the hot sun, we sure don't get sun like this in Wellington.

Well you can't really go to Phuket without going to Patong Beach, one of the days I was in Phuket we had a post wedding family lunch and after the lunch a few of us heading down to the beach.

The beach was quite beautiful but it was so busy, well from my perspective, I'm from New Zealand and used to going to beaches and seeing pretty much no one - not rows and rows of deck chairs and sun umbrellas.

I can see why people like the beach, the sea is lovely and warm and the water is clear - but to be honest if I was planning on going on a lay around on the beach kind of holiday I think I would choose one of the pacific islands like the Cook Islands or Samoa. But then I am not much of a lie about on the beach all day person!


Vix said...

Loved Helga's blog post about meeting up and I've really enjoyed catching up with your trip. KL is amazing, isn't it? I loved it back in the Nineties, time for a revisit! x

cb said...

i want to go there! i need serious beach time...i miss it so much. hopefully the weather will be nice next weekend and we can take another trip to the beach!

Curtise said...

It looks lovely. Most European holiday beaches I've ever been on have been packed with tourists, so that looks pretty empty to me! xxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hope you're enjoying your trip. Dying to see photos of YOU at the wedding in your frock! Xx

Stacey said...

That beach looks lovely (& empty compared to most of the Australian beaches I've been to!). I hope you're still enjoying yourself!

Sabina said...

Wow this pic is so beautiful, as are the ones from your last post--and the weather looks perfect. Hope you enjoy the rest of our visit.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Beautiful photo's :).

Sadie x