Monday, February 28, 2011

Matchbox Swap Goodies

A while ago I took part in a matchbox box swap on craftster - its a pretty simple swap. Get a matchbox, decorate it and fill it with crafting goodies.

I was spoiled by my partner as she sent me two boxes not one. The first box was a Hello Kitty themed box. I especially loved the inside of the box - it made me giggle.

Here's the zombie/horror themed bloody box and the goodies inside - I especially love the zombie Hello Kitty. Although I am stumped as to what I should do with it - I feel like I should make a little frame or something for it.


Meghan Edge said...

EPic! I loves mini things!

Victoria said...

These are so darn cute, I'm so tempted to do something like this now...I'd love to see more posts like this xxx

Trees said...

Pixie - Glad you like my stash

Victoria - I shall try and do more crafty posts. I am doing more crafty stuff now I am home ^^