Saturday, February 26, 2011

Around the bays and acrobats

Last Sunday was the most beautiful day - a perfect day for Around the Bays which is an annual walking and running event in Wellington. Its not a huge distance to walk, only 7km, so I took part with my friend Nilanka and thousands of other Wellingtonians. These photo's don't really convey just how many people were there.

After a wee rest at home and some lunch, Rich and I headed out to go for a walk on the waterfront. Recently there has been a sculpture garden near the art gallery, with lots of artists working on Oamaru stone. Here's a few of the art works below - I think my favourite is the cat.

After checking out the sculptures - we headed over to watch "Campground Chaos" which was a street theatre circus show. The show was based around a group of characters at a campground and had the most amazing acrobatic performances and the music was all New Zealand music.


Meghan Edge said...

I wish I lived where you live- I want to go to a street circus!

Trees said...

Come and visit Wellington!! There's a lot of fun things to do ^^