Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wellington Sevens Parade

This weekend is the Wellington Sevens - I am not a huge fan of the Sevens to be honest. Too many men dressed in togs, bikini's and short frocks, my hairdresser referred to it today as a straight man's hero parade and that is a pretty apt description.

Already today I've been asked what "Are you suppose to be" - my response was "A Wellingtonian". I've also seen a man streaking down the waterfront and seen all manner of insane costumes. Rich also got asked if he was dressed as John Travolta.

Although I am not a big fan of the Sevens, I do like some of the costumes and I also like the Sevens parade which brings some life to Lambton Quay at lunch time. Here's a few photo's from the lunch time parade.


Meghan Edge said...

I love local parades. Once I was at Ocean City NJ and they had this random parade and I got serenaded by an Elvis impersonator!

Also, in Philly we have this amazing thing called Mummers. They are amazing. I love that parade, too.

Trees said...

I think I have axtually heard of Mummers. I'll have to look it up though:)