Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pink Unicorns & Pancakes

Friday night was very quiet for us - the original plan was to head out to norebang (just like being back in Korea) but I was just too tired. I started back at the gym this week for the first time in a couple of year and also work is still very tiring. I am sure I will be used to both work and the gym soon and have a lot more energy.

This morning we headed out to Newtown to got op shopping (it's what we call thrift shopping in New Zealand) and whilst walking to the bus I spotted this - I feel better knowing that invisible pink unicorns are out there.The op shopping didnt go too well for most of our adventures - I did manage to find a simple black belt. A black belt is a good find of course but it's nothing too exciting really. The in the last second hand store we visited I found an amazing Gustav Klimt dress. It's kind of hard to explain but it's really awesome. Maybe I'll do an OOTD post with it - I've thought about doing an OOTD post for a while but I feel kind of shy about doing that. But I would love to share this dress with you all - because it's fabulous!

After our op shopping we visited the Ballroom Cafe and had pancakes for lunch - mine had plums and yoghurt. Om nom nom!This evening we went to our friend Ross and Shelley's house for their housewarming/engagement party which was a whole lot of fun - the have the most amazing views from their house - I wish I had taken some photo's whilst I was there. Also we met the most lovely German couple there and had a chance to catch up with Nankz and Paul as well.

We were planning on heading out to a fundraising for another friends theatre group, but Rich isn't feeling the best so we decided to spend the rest of the evening at home.


Meghan Edge said...

That letter about the unicorns just made my day.

Those pancakes look delish.

Trees said...

It totally made my day!!