Thursday, May 13, 2010

Martini Glass Lady

I had been feeling a little uncreative lately, teaching takes a lot of creativity and energy! So I decided I wanted to return to a craft I can do even if all I feel like doing is relaxing in front of the television.

With this in mind, I decided to complete a cross-stitch I began literally years ago, which I bought from Swonderful in Wellington.

I orignally bought the cross-stitch for a long train trip and it's been with me to a lot of destinations (even Japan!) but I never seemed to complete it whislt on holiday.

I really loved the image, which was designed but the New Zealand Cupcake Queen, so I decided it was now or never - time to finish the naked martini glass lady cross-stitch.

Here's my completed work - I am so happy with it - especially because it's cross-stitched on black fabric which looks awesome but can be hard to stitch.

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