Monday, May 03, 2010

Changdeokgung Palace

There are about five palaces in Seoul (I think!), when Rich and I first arrived in late autumn we saw about three of these.

Then winter decended upon us and it was very cold and seemed to take a very long time to leave.

We wanted to visited Changdeokgung for a really long time, but were waiting for the winter to leave before we went as the palace included a secret garden and a garden is always much nicer in spring bloom that it is during bleak winter days.

So a couple of Saturday's ago we finally decided the weather was nice enough to visit Changdeokgung. Unfortunatly, the only way to visit this palace is with a tour group, I don't really like taking tours unless I have no choice!

However, the tour did end up being quite interesting even if we did have to take it with about 200 other English speakers.

The day we took the tour was a really nice spring day - not too hot and not too cold and we managed to get some really beautiful photo's of the palace.

If you can only visit one palace when you're in Korea, I'd recommend this one.

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