Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dreamaker Art & Toy Exhibition

When Rich, Dani and I went to the DMZ our tour bus dropped us off at the Lotte Hotel, which is right next to the Lotte Department store.

We decided to have a look around the Lotte Department store and whilst we were in there we came across this poster and decided to check out the exhibition.
The poster featured some pictures of DIY toys - these seem to be very popular in Korea. Basically you buy a blank toy and decorate it any way you like. Rich has done a couple of these since we have been living here, one was a Ouip by Delitoys, and there was a few of these in the exhibition.
The exhibition also included a lot of Kubrick toys, which I really love. My favourite's are the Sex Pistols Kubrick and the Jack Skellington Kubrick.

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