Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

This year Valentine's Day also fell on Lunar New Year Weekend in Korea which meant a lot of businesses were closed and everything was generally pretty quiet - in fact it's as quiet as it's ever been.

For Valentine's Day this year I made Rich a piece of "art" of sorts - the words are both literal and figurative! I have no sense of direction at all and I would have been lost numerous times without his help and navigational skills.
Rich decorated a photo frame for me for a Valentine's Day present (it's our tradition to give only handmade presents).
We decided to make pancakes for valentines day but we really had limited resources to do this as in Korea it's hard to find things like baking powder and also there was no maple syrup for our pancakes! But they turned out OK with Strawberry yogurt and jam for topping. Finally we finished up the day with dinner at "2nd Place" a restaurant near our house which is really good - although the restaurant reminds me a little of a drug den in a Jackie Chan movie. Last of all we headed over to Amusing World, which is a big arcade/entertainment type place where we spend the rest of the night playing pin pong, singing norebang and playing arcade games.

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Tabitha Dial said...

Simply awesome. I really love all this. So glad you ... and I ... are very lucky to be with our soul mates.

"I'd be lost without you" -- so appropriate for my boyfriend, too. :-)

And you can never go wrong with a special occasion pancake.