Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A day for visiting parks

I have been a little frustrated with the Korean winter lately (thankfully it's drawing to an end and spring is on it's way) as it's so hard to feel inspired to go outside and take a walk as it's just SO DARN COLD! But last week we really needed to get out and about so we had some vegan lunch at Loving Hutt and then headed over to Seoul Children's Park. It was freezing cold and a bit sad looking, but it was good to be outside and I am sure it will be so beautiful when the trees start to bloom. Plus we got to take photo's of lots of cute cartoon characters - I even got my photo taken with a guy with poo on his head?

After Seoul Children's Park we decided to visit Olympic Park as we had read that it was an amazing sculpture park - this is true - but it was SERIOUSLY cold by this stage. I really want to head back again in the spring to appreciate the sculptures a little bit more and the park in general.

In Olympic Park is a very cool art gallery called "Soma" and they had the most incredible exhibition on featuring Robot's - it was called "I, Robot" there was some truly amazing work there including work by Nam June Paik. It's so strange a few weeks ago I didn't even know who Nam June Paik was and now I see his art everywhere which is fantastic as I really love his work.

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