Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creepy Cute Swap

I am currently taking part in the "Creepy Cute Swap" on Craftster - this swap is totally down my ally. Creepy is my favourite sort of cute. My partner, loves cat's so I really wanted to include cats in the swap package. She also told me that she would like some more softies for her collection. So I decided to make a collection of softie kitties based on my favourite horror movie monsters.

I based my kitties on the pattern for kitties in Aranzi Aronzo's "The Cute Book".

Here's some photo's of the kitties I made - starting off with Drac-Kitty.

Drac-Kitty was a young kitten, living in the hills of his Eastern European homeland. One day, whilst out exploring the woods, Drac-Kitty came across a dark and mysterious cave and he decided to explore inside. He heard the flap of a bat wing and next thing he knew he awoke in a luxurious castle, with a new owner and a desire for blood.....

Next is "Bat Kitty" (he's my favourite).

Bat Kitty was born from an unholy union between a cat and a bat. To overcome his tragic origins, he decided to help people by flying around and giving out free hugs.

My next creepy cute kitty is "Graveyard Kitty"!

Graveyard Kitty was walking along the road one day when she was hit by a car and instantly killed. But her body landed in a strange burial ground. The next time Graveyard Kitty awoke she had an unnatural desire for BRAAAAINS...
My final creation was "Franken-Kitty"!

Franken-Kitty doesn't know her origins, she just awoke on day in a strange laboratory in the hills of Germany. All Franken-Kitty wants is a friend - will you be her friend?

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

OMG those kitties are gorgeous! Great job! I have another one of his books and it is one of my favourites.....haven't made anything out of it but i love flicking through the pages.
Anyhoo, I hope all is well with you, ANd I have loved all your photos of Japan and Korea.