Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ouch! That Hurts!

I've never been one to be too scared by vaccines and just as well really given the number of vaccines we need to go to South Korea. Yesterday I had to have my first South Korea related vaccination for a total cost of $105 - yes it's not the cost of the vaccine that hurts but the effect it has on your wallet.

The nurse at the travel doctor suggested I might like to have a couple of vaccines as well, given the length of time I will be away and the fact I may be traveling to places like China. So I also have to have a vaccination for typhoid ($50 for a vaccine) and Japanese Encephalitis ($200 for a vaccine!).



Fiona said...

The Typhoid one hurts - don't envy you that at all!

Mel Makes Pretty said...

Wow, keeping "bug" free is expensive. But I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end. Good luck with all the preperations.