Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mel's Package!

So here's a package of Crafty Goodness I recently received from my friend Mel in Australia!

Firstly is a whole bunch of fabric and lace - Mel read all about our crafty foxes swap and decided to contribute some fabric for Kat to make my dress which is very sweet. I've now handed the fabric over to Kat and we are thinking that the black silky stuff will be good for the main dress and the lacy flowery fabric will make a great bolero.
Next is this very cute craft zine called Mix Tape which includes not only craft information but also an article on cupcakes and roller derby!
Next is this SUPER cute cupcake note set! I love it! I had just been thinking I didn't have any note cards to send to friends and now I have plenty.

Mel also made me an awesome "Day of the Dead" stamp (that she made herself!) which I am still getting the hang of - I found something to mount the stamp on, now all I need is an ink pad big enough for the stamp!

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

I am so glad you like everything! I can't WAIT to see your dress, once it's made. I wasn't sure if the lace would be too pretty.
if you dab the ink pad all over the stamp, you should get enough coverage.There is a stamp pad called Versafine, which is good for high density stamps.If you put a mouse pad underneath the paper while your stamping it should give a more even image, but the image is not perfect, there are still a few bumps I couldn't get out. Enjoy your stuff, Mel. 8/7