Friday, May 01, 2009

Kitsch Cowboy Swap

My swap partner for has now received her package for the kitsch cowboy swap - so I can share with you all the uber tacky western themed items I made!

First up is a horse crown - complete with it's own "Horse Queen" box!

Next is a "cowgirl relaxation kit" complete with western themed soap, massage oil and cactus swizzle sticks for cocktails.

My swap partner had asked for something for her little nephew, so I made her a little cactus softie - sew entirely by hand whilst watching 1950's sci fi horror "THEM"!

Rich also wanted to get in on this swap, so he contributed this little cactus canvas that he painted.

I also made a little cowboy themed lapel pin, but all my photo's of that item were blurry. If my swap partner manages to get any good photo's I will post them here!

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