Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art Journal

I have been reading a few different craft websites which suggest keeping an art journal as somewhere to write down project ideas and also somewhere to sketch, draw or whatever you fancy.

Seen as I am a "crafty type" I decided it was time to start keeping a journal of my own and here it is! I bought one of those black journals with thick white paper from Gordon Harris then Embellished it with whatever I found around the house that day - the main postcard I bought from China when I went for a visit there last year. All of the other embellishments are supplies from my craft table (oh and a swallow necklace I picked up from a clothes swap and never wore!).

I'm pretty happy with the result, but as Rich pointed out, it's not that easy to carry around with me as parts of the design may come off! So next step is to make a case to keep my creations safe.

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Love the journal cover ;0)