Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Martinborough Fair

I've wanted to go to the Martinborough fair for a while - I heard it was a huge crafty occassion that was not to be missed. However - when you don't have a car and there's no buses/trains heading out there you can miss out on the most excellent of crafty events...

So when my friend Donna text me on Friday night asking me if I wanted to head out to the fair with her I jumped at the chance.

This was a fair unlike I'd ever seen before - people had told me it was big - but it was beyond big - it was MASSIVE!!

We spent ages just walking around looking at everything - I got some ideas for craft projects for the fair but I didn't actually buy any crafts.

But Donna and I did buy preserves a plenty - I got a chilli sauce, some banana pickle and some pesto mustard. I figure it tasted good and this is the kind of stuff I can't imagine making myself (plus it's nice to buy a food product where you can actually pronouce all the ingredients because they are things like vinegar and basil opposed to preservatives 175, 298, 897).

We even managed to have a semi decent vegetarian lunch at the fair - tuscan potatoes on a bed of rice, it was really yummy and I'm still a littled surprised about that (in a plesant way of course).

So yes the fair was good times all round.

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