Sunday, February 17, 2008

I **heart** valentines craft

So as you may already know - I like the idea of valentines - but hate the corporatisation of valentines day. What's the obvious solution to my dilemma? Craft things for valentines instead of buying things from the shop.

Here's a couple of things I made for Rich for Valentines day -

Firstly a heart made of beading wire in leiu of a cheesy card - nothing says "I love you" like heart shaped beading wire;)
Secondly (sorry the photo's so fuzzy my camera doesn't handle taking photo's of small things well) a bracelet made of a combination of washers and beading cord.

Finally a valentines "card" for my friend Fiona - well - kinda of....a group of us girls had a handmade "secret" valentines swap. I had all these ideas of cards I could make for Fiona out of actual paper and card - but none of the ideas seemed quite right. So instead I made her this felt heart, with a skull, the lacey stuff around the outside is an old doily. I thought it was really cool - but of course - they style of the craft screams "Teresa made this!" so Fiona had not trouble guessing who her secret valetine was!

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