Wednesday, February 06, 2008

At Kat's for cocktails and cupcakes...

Last Saturday afternoon/night we were invited over to my friend Kat's place for a garden party - it was such a beautiful day and seen as Kat has an actual garden with lots of space (very rare in central Wellington) it was just perfect.

Almost as perfect as the selection of VERY girly cupcakes that Kat made - she has a HUGE amount of patience to ice so many cup cakes in SO many ways - they are uber cute though.

So it was a summer afternoon of drinking, eating and gossiping and an evening of singstar - Rich and I totally nail the Nick Cave and Kylie song on singstar 90's (I think it's called Wild Rose - ironically I am a huge Nick Cave fan and know every word to the song but I don't know the title - go figure...).

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