Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm doing a sewing class - with teenagers!!

So a few weeks back I enrolled to do a sewing course at Inverlochy Art School - the course was called "Stylee Frocks" and it was an adult sewing course.

However, last week I recieved a call from Inverlochy - turns out they only had 2 people apply to do the course so they couldn't justify running it:(

So the other option presented to me was attending a Saturday morning sewing class 9 - 1 - but this is their teenage level class!! Argh!!

But I really do want to give sewing a decent go - so I decided to attend this class! So basically next Saturday it's going to be me and a bunch of teenagers learning to sew - still looking forward to it - but will be a bit weird being in with all those teenagers.

OMG - I'm going to be that really annoying adult student that every class has!!

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