Friday, April 06, 2007


What as absolute corker of a day too!! I can hardly believe how beautiful it is - in a little while Rich and I are going for an adventure to the Kaori Wildlife Sanctury - can hardly wait!!

Last night I had bellydancing class - which was as always - awesome! The class was a bit empty though, I guess some lucky people out there are going away for Easter *sigh* - but nevermind - it's not like I haven't got anything to do this weekend and I am going away next weekend so no reason to complain.

At bellydance class I found out that in a couple of weeks all the classes are having a "Turkish Delight Night" which sounds very cool - basically we all bring along $5, a cushion to sit on, a bottle of wine and our coin belts/scarfs - there will be some preformances and some food, apple tea and turkish delight. I can hardly wait!! Our teacher also said they are planning on having a Turkish Delight Night once every 6 weeks too which is really cool because it's like they are trying to build a bit of a bellydance community with this thing rather than just having a group of women turn up each week and do their thing and go home and I think that's really cool.

In other news - I got an e-mail from Celia yesterday to tell me that she went along to Pole Dancing class with Henri - she said it was really awesome and asked a whole bunch of us if we'd be keen to come along next time. I'm totally keen to go along to that as well!! Celia also said that for the class you need to wear shorts (to grip the pole) and also heels (although they are optional - but I might use the ones I wore for Celia and Simon's wedding as I don't know what else I'd use them for - the Wellington hills are not good for heels!)

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