Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Weekend so far

Well I haven't blogged in a few days so here's some general rambling about what I've been up to over the weekend.

On Friday night Mariella came over for dinner - which was cool, it's always fun to catch up with her crazy world! We also ended up watching a DVD called"sexy beast" - it was a really excellent film - in the style of "Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels" - although I think maybe this film came out before that one?

On Saturday morning I did my usual coffee thing with Kat and Fiona - but as Kat was off in Dunedin I just hung out with Fiona:) After a hot chocolate and some gossip Fiona went to open up Triange (as she's looking after it this weekend whilst Kat's away). I hung out there for a while longer - just catching up on general gossip.

However, whilst a Triangle Fiona and I came across the cutest wrap dress. I don't think I've blogged about this before but Kat has decided to use three of her friends as her muses for her label "Macska" and I am one of these muses! So the very cute wrap dress that Fiona and I came across in the shop was a "Teresa" dress - very excitied about that!

Whislt hanging out in the shop Karyn came in so was good to catch up with her - she told me about some very very cool knitting patterns she has lined up! Looking forward to seeing on of these projects at craft club on Tuesday.

I then went to catch up with Jess and Celia - we were supposed to be having a walk along the water front - however - it ended up that not so much walking was involved but lots of gossiping was - oh well - what can you do?

I met up with Rich after the walk/gossip session with the girls and we went to this alternative comic book festival thing that was on at the Southern Cross bar - it was pretty cool to check out some of the ideas that people have for comics...we didn't end up buying any comics though...

Saturday night we went to Downstage Theatre with Ross and we saw "The Graduate" which I have been wanting to see for ages! It was really well done too - a lot of laughs - I'd actually didn't really know what the graduate was about (all I knew was it was about some guy having an affair with an older woman) I really enjoyed it. After the play we went and had a coffee at Ernesto because for once it wasn't TOTALLY packed! Also there was a Jazz Band playing there which was pretty cool, turned out the jazz band was Twin Set - who Rich said are a pretty well know jazz band - so we got a hot drink and a free Jazz show! Very cool.

Today I've not been up to much - I had a hot drink with Donna at Kelburn cafe which was cool - I really like it there. I hadn't seen Donna for a while - turns out she's been quite sick with colds and flu. But the good news is that her and Lee have finally found a new house and it sounds very cool - can hardly wait to check it out.

Well I best be off now before I spend the rest of my Sunday in front a computer screen (I do enough of that during the week).

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