Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time to update my Blog...

Well I went to WW yesterday and I have gained weight again...bleh.....I was expecting it after spending the weekend in Auckland but it is still disappointing....I will try and lose what I put on this week but over the last few weeks my weight has been up and down so I serious need to get myself sorted!

Well what else have I been up too? Well Kat e-mailed me about a stall at Kraftwork - so I seriously have to get making some bead and fimo type crafts for the stall. I've been thinking about what I would like to make and have done a few sketches but I will have to get going and make some of the designs I have in mind.

Also when I was in Auckland I bought some SEA MONKEYS I used to have Sea Monkeys when I was at Uni but my pet ferret knocked the container over and they all died:( All I have to do is remeber to feed them once a week - it shouldn't be too hard hopefully....

When I got back from work today I had a really nice surprise - Navie had sent me a birthday card and present all the way from the UK - I should have waited till my birthday I know but I just couldn't help myself.

I also found out today that Alaina has started a blog of her own - yah go Ally! - I will have to include her blog in my links:)

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