Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I can't beleive....

That I set my alarm for 6:45am instead of 5:45am last night so I didn't get up till late and now I can't go to the gym this morning which is a total pain considering I have to be weighed tonight! Rich has suggested going for a walk at lunch which I will do but a walk doesn't get your heart pumping like cardio does...grr....

Well - as for the rest of my weekend it was ok - didn't do much really as trying to conserve as much money as possible at the moment.

On Saturday morning I did 2 hours of gym then came home and got dressed and did a wee bit of shopping to buy Conor's birthday present for this weekend.

The did my weekend waterfront with Ange - it was freezing but so beautiful outside!

On Saturday night Rich and I just went to the movies and saw a really cool film from Chile called something like Machura - but it was so SAD:(

On Sunday I really wanted to go for a day walk again but the weather was really dodgy as again so Rich and I went for a waterfront walk and then up into the town belt a bit and headed for that old military post. It was a good but not exactly the walk I was hoping for.

We then decided to go to the movies again and saw "The Aristocrats" - which was ok - but really making a documentary about a dirty joke is a bit of a push, it's a bit of a DVD movie actually I don't think the cinema really added anything too it and the humour was a bit American....I find the English sense of humour much funnier.

Decided to spend the rest of the evening at home because it WAS SO COLD!

Well I have a pretty busy week this week as well it seems - last night had a coffee with Annabel to hear about her new job, tonight it's Weight Watchers and then grocery shopping (joy), then Wednesday it's Ross' birthday celebrations, Thursday it's Indie club at Curve and Friday I'm flying out to Auckland and no doubt when I get home from there I will be tired - I always feel tired after a weekend away.

Plus I really have to get my application for Massey sorted this week - I know what I want to do and even the first paper I want to do all I have to do now is full in the dreaded application form - I swear forms are the worst thing about university study. Maybe I'll try and do that tonight after groceries - I also told Carolyn I'd try and ring her tonight but at this stage that may not be till Sunday evening....grrrr.....

Plus Rich and I still need to get a birthday present for Ross for tommorrow! I realised the other day Ross and I have been friends since we were 18 - so we have now been friends for like 9 years which is crazy!! Same for Conor and Sue - how bizarre.

Last night Rich arranged our accomodation for Christchurch - on Jess' advice we have decided to stay at The Occidental - looks like your ususal backpackers - I'm not too worried as long as where ever we stay is clean and warm because we won't actually be there much.

I also heard from Karen yesterday - she said she has a couple of childminding job interviews coming up so she is stoked because she loves kids and she also said that she and Ade are able to come to my birthday do in a few weeks (I can't believe I'll be 27 in a few weeks...).

Well I best be off - dry my hair and get pretty and all that....for work...bleh!

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