Saturday, June 03, 2006

So I decided to have a very long weekend

I decided to take yesterday off work - I just felt like I really needed a break, and I haven't had one forever because I work on contract. So I figured I would take yesterday off and I pretty much did nothing - apart from going to the gym and seeing Celia and Greg for a coffee after work.

I just haven't been feeling my normal self lately - getting tired very easily and finding hard to concentrate at work. So hopefully taking four days off work will help me feel a bit better - although I still feel tired today despite sleeping in forever yesterday!!

Anyways what else have I been up to in the past few days....

On Thursday night - Rich, Ross, Greg and I went to see another Comedy Festival thing. We saw "Cameron Blair - Gifted" - it was basically a guy taking the piss out of all those TV mediums like Colin Fry - it has some really funny moments and just some plain cringe worthy moments.

Greg didn't enjoy the show that much though as he got sucked into playing a part in the audience participation part of the show - poor Greg:(

But as I turns out I had a much more traumatic night than Greg. After the show - the guys left and Rich and I decided to go out for a drink at Midnight Expresso seen as I wasn't going to work on Friday and I wouldn't have to get up early the next day. Anyways - the drink was fine - but as we were walking along the footpath there was a whole bunch of homeless people doing push-ups (I guess you're pretty limited in what to do with your leisure time when your homeless - after all - leisure time is all the time...). We walked passed them - not thinking anything of it as it is the same group of homeless people that are always on Cuba Mall and as I walked past them one of them wacked me on the butt - like REALLY hard - I was like in total shock and Rich was pretty angry. But we decided to walk away - I mean what point is it reporting that kinda stuff to the cops - it was just a bit scary and generally pretty damn gross.

Anyways on a much less disturbing note tonight is the release of Belle's Zine "Goody two shoes" and of course her poetry reading as well. We are heading along with Jaimee and Sam - it should be a good night out. I'm looking forward to seeing my "Good Cop" review in print. I'll prolly grab a couple of copies of the Zine so I can send it to the Htown/Aucktown people and also send a copy to Marth to check out.

Speaking of Marth - as it turns out she has been shouted a trip down to Wellington by one of her mates to check out some Kapahaka the weekend I am heading up to Auckland. But it's ok because she is going to head down earlish on Friday so we can spend the day together and then I can fly to Auckland in the evening. Sweet - means I can still go to Conor's birthday party and catch up with all of the other people in Auckland.

Well I should really head off - I've got to go to town - I have to pick up something I have put on layby for Rich as it's our 4 year anniversary tommorrow!

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Tabitha Dial said...

Hope you're feeling more energy, love!