Sunday, June 11, 2006

I know I haven't been updated my blog as much as I normally do

But I have taken to going to the gym in the morning instead of at night - which means getting up at 5:45 in the morning - which means I'm generally not left with much time to update my blog in the morning (although I had time on Friday but for some reason blogger was down....)

So what have I been up to for the last week....hummm.....just a quick run down....on Thursday went with Nankz and Paul and some of their other mates to a film at the "Outtakes" film festival - it was set in World War II and one of the saddest films I have even seen - but it was really thought provoking and interesting.

Friday was a really good day - I found my dream boots - Doc Martins' 20 ups - I didn't think I would ever find them in New Zealand. They are $340 - ouch - but they will last forever. But I had to put them on layby "sigh" I can hardly wait till they are payed off.

Friday night was also Simon's birthday so a few drinks at Mac's Brewery and then dinner at an Indian/Malaysian restaurant...was good to catch up with everybody....but I was way too tired to go out - still getting used to the whole getting up early and going to the gym.

Yesterday I went to the gym and then for a walk (and gelato) with Ange and Jess along the waterfront - it was such a beautiful day and the habour was so calm - a good day for walking.

Last night Rich and I were going to head off to Happy to see a couple of bands but in the end decided to have a quiet one in and catch up on some Dr Who by watching some of the Dvd's that James loaned us.

Today was another quiet day - Rich and I just went up to the Kelburn Cafe for lunch and then for a walk around the botanical gardens.

Rich has now taken off to an experiemental music workshop so I'm just catching up on a few e-mails, my blog and a whole bunch of interweb type stuff.

Well I'm now off to do some web surfing - I've decided that I would like to do a graduate diploma in Women's Studies (extramurally) so I'm hoping that I can do that through Massey University.

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Tabitha Dial said...

OOOO... I hope you'll post photos of your boots when you get them... $340 Kiwi, right? So.... Uhhh... not sure what that is for crazy Yankee money.

Good on you for pursuing more education. Every now and then I think how nice it could be to be back in school. But I'm researching other lively ways of taking up my time just now...

Best of luck to you!... You're up at 5:45? Man. I'm inspired.