Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Poem

Well - here's my attempt at poetry - I'm sure that Belle and Tabitha with their poetry skills will be able to give me some feedback - but be kind girls - I am just an amateur!!

In the distance

I sit
Surrounded by silence
No one speaks a word
As the bus with it's interior dated and heating struggling
Snakes around and up and down

Through eroding hills
The trees that once covered them long gone
Past clay cliffs
Which will once again slip and block the road with the first winter rain

Past old farms
The enthusiasm for the land long lost
Some of the homes would have once been beautiful
Built by the weathly
Who asked themselves what went wrong

Past huge hills
Nearly mountains
That feel as if they could smother you

Past rocky land
I wonder whose Christian spirit lead them to write "Jesus Saves" on a boulder in the middle of nowhere

I begin to think of this place swallowing me
Of how I don't belong here
How no person could really belong here

My mind drifts away
Thoughts which fill me with a loneliness for this place
This empty place

Until the bus finally moves towards a coastline
The day is clear and the sea is turbulent, the sand black, the trees grow sideways in the strong wind

I look beyond the ocean
A near perfect snow cone in the distance
I'm going home

So my poem is about going on a bus between Hamilton and the Naki - not that exciting - but I couldn't think of anything else to write about.

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Tabitha Dial said...

Not that exciting? What? I love the subject.

And the idea of the perfect snow cone. MMMMM.

I admire you for writing a poem-- and then-- posting it online.