Friday, January 13, 2006

My Final Day!

I can hardly believe it's my final day at work - it's come along so quickly - it's crazy!

I'm excited to be finnishing today but at the same till do feel a bit sad that I won't get to hang out with some of my team members anymore because they are really cool people - but at the same time I am just going to work down the road so I can easily seem them again.

Last night I made up little cards to go with the lolly mixtures I have made for my team - it's so hard to know what to write in them and you can't write in every one "It's been great getting to know you, all the best for the future" as that's lame!

I don't imagine I'll get up to a heck of a lot today - clean up the desk and I have a team morning tea and a lunch with some of the girls in the office.

I can't believe I have another 10 days off next week, I'll be like the Christmas/New Years break all over again. I'll have to decide what to do in that time - so far I've got my visit to Auckland, Simon & Celia's engagement party and various lunch with various people. Knowing most holiday it will all be gone way too quickly and I will be back at work before I know it.

Well I guess I should go and finish getting ready for my last day at work - wicked!

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