Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fort Street!

Three of my friends have made comments about the fact that the backpackers we are staying at for the Big Day Out is on Fort Street - apparently the whole area is frequented by ladies of the night - I figure it can't be any worse than certain areas of Wellington - still it should be interesting. Apparently showboys and showgirls is on Fort Street...humm....

I did the Big Day Out shopping today, bottled water, snacks, tissues, spare camera batteries....

I think it will be a very busy couple of days - tommorrow I will be catching up with a whole bunch of Auckland people - Charlotte, Alaina, Sarah, Ekant, Conor, Sue, Chaykham and Jonnie - then Friday it's the Big Day Out - I think we are hanging out with Ekant and Unicia on Saturday morning - Saturday night we have to ourselves - then on Sunday it's Celia & Simon's engagement party - my first engagement party this year!! Thank God that Monday is Wellington Anniversary - it will give me a chance to chill out before the first day of my new job on Tuesday!!

Hummm....I think that the relaxing times are now officially over!!

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