Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Final Countdown!

That song was my cellphone ring for so long - but now it's the theme from Knightrider- which makes more sense given my fascination with all things Hoff.

Anyways the reason this entry is called the final countdown is that it's my last week at my current job! I can hardly believe it - I gave 6 weeks notice but those six weeks have gone by so quickly (I guess two of those 6 weeks were Christmas/New Years holiday though!).

So as of this Friday I will be all finished at my old job and looking foward to yet another week off!

I'm hoping to escape from my old job relatively quietly - but I don't think that will happen - but I really hate the big fuss they make when you leave a place! I also made the mistake of telling one of the guys in my team that I hate a big fuss when you leave a workplace so that is likely to ensure a huge fuss. However, at this stage my only Friday work plans is lunch with some of the girls at the office - fingers crossed it stays that way!!

I was intially not too sure what I was going to do next week but the days seem to be filling up quickly - Thursday & Friday I'm going to be in Auckland for the Big Day Out.

I found out yesterday that my friend Karen will be in town on Tuesday and because I'm not working I will be able to spend the day with her.

I'm also trying to arrange to have lunch with my cousin - so I'm sure I'll fill up the rest of the days quite easily.

Well time to finish getting ready for my last Tuesday at this job!

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