Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tee Shirts, Trolls, Gingerbread and Sunshine

Yesterday was another beautiful, sunny Wellington day and Rich and I had such a fun day - so many cool things are happening in the city at the moment.

First up we headed up to Wellington High School to check out the Shirtstock - which was a wee market with a whole bunch of tee shirts on display from local tee shirt makers.

Here's a few designs at the exhibition - Rich and I didn't end up buying anything ourselves - but there was a lot of temptation there.

This was one of my favourite tee shirts - if you don't know what a tuatara is check it out here.
After we visited the fair I wanted to check out the full size gingerbread house that was at Te Papa - but when we arrived at Te Papa this was one of the first things we saw.

TROLLS! They are made by Weta workshop and a friend told me they were at the premier of the Hobbit. You can see just how big these things are, it was pretty cool to have the chance to see them up close. 

Then I finally got to see the gingerbread house - isn't it amazing - it smelt devine too. I am planning to make a gingerbread next week, so this was a pretty big inspiration.

Finally we walked home along the waterfront - what a stunning, blue day. There were a lot of sailboats in the harbour.
Finally we finished off our day with a picnic in the botanical gardens fro my friend Emily's birthday - I didn't take any photos of the actual picnic. But I did take a photo of the view from where the cable car stops at the top of a gardens. I must have taken this photo like a million times - but it was just such a stunning day don't you think?
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far xoxo


alicia said...

my response to this was "when are we moving to wellington?".


CityScape Skybaby said...

I agree with Alicia, your town looks full of amazing stuff and beautiful scenery Trees. Those trolls are absolutely gigantic! I always mean to make a gingerbread house, mince pies, Christmas cake etc. and I never do it, so I'm looking forward to seeing your gingerbread creations. There's
a programme called Choccywoccydoodah where they make the most amazing gingerbread houses every Christmas, don't know if there's any pics online, but they were very inspiring to me, if I ever get round to doing it that is! xx

Krista said...

Stunning view indeed! What a great mix of art you experienced in one day. I always enjoy seeing where you live, it's beautiful! The gingerbread house would have been the best!

Meghan Edge said...

Dear Gingerbread House, I want to eat you. Love, Meg

:-) Shirtstock looks amazing. You know me and my love/hate relationships with tee shirts.

Vix said...

Gorgeous day, stunning view. I'm another "when are we moving to Wellington?"
Those trolls are huge and that gingerbread house is so pretty! x

Curtise said...

You do a fabulous job promoting Wellington, it always looks such a beautiful and vibrant city.
Crazy huge trolls though! xxx

Nikki said...

The trolls were halfway down Courtney Place for the premiere - I have a bad photo of them (too many people in the way!) As for Wellington on a good day - it can't be beaten! We used to live by Kelburn Park and the views were to die for... As for today it's muggy and foggy in Karori and I can't see the end of the road!

cb said...

i would LOVE to come visit you soooo much! there seems to be such awesome things to do and see in wellington and such a creative city! i need to save my money so you can show me around sometime!